What's New

Jamie Grenney
May 16, 2023
What's New

The Connect The Dots team is building the ultimate relationship intelligence platform that revolutionizes how you connect and engage with your network.

CTD goes beyond existing relationship management tools by seamlessly synchronizing your email accounts and LinkedIn. Our advanced algorithms map and score your relationships, enabling you to identify the strongest pathways to the people and companies you want to reach.

The team has been working tirelessly to develop two incredibly powerful products that will take you and your enterprise to the next level.

The Supergraph

Think of the Supergraph as a unified view of all your contacts from your professional emails, personal emails, and LinkedIn connections. Couple that with Career Overlaps, 3rd Degree, and visibility into your coworker’s LinkedIn connections, and you've got an unmatched understanding of the network around you.

To build the best Supergraph, you’ll want to invite your investors, advisors, customers, partners, and former colleagues who know you well. The new Invite Landing Page and Invite Templates are available, so fire when ready!

The Ask Engine

The Ask Engine makes it simple and frictionless to source new opportunities, get warm introductions, or to garner new insights. So, how do we do this?

Ghost Emails – Imagine if your CEO could send 500+ ghost emails (emails drafted by others) to their extended network every month. That’d be pretty valuable, right? We’ve seen response rates skyrocket when the email comes from a name they recognize and a person with clout. It could be your CEO, your CTO, your boss, or a good friend. 

From the ghost sender's view, you’ve made their life so much easier by filling in all of the contents of the email. All they have do is review it, make quick edits, and click send.

There are dozens of use cases for executive sponsors, champions, recruiters, etc. We hear stories like the one below all the time. The central idea is that everything is easier if you have clout and relationship strength. You can generate pipeline, win deals, and attract top talent.  

"We had a big deal that was stuck. We sent a Ghost Email request through CTD, and our Chief Product Officer got them to engage and created new momentum. The opportunity closed on the last day of April!" 

Relationship Maps – The best way to source opportunities is to stay on top of your people. Who do you know, and who could you reach? 

  • Company List with High-Value Targets - Create a list of your target accounts and see where you have relationships.
  • Static People Lists - Create lists of people like CEOs you know, investors, recruiters, partners, champions, or great engineers - there are countless examples of useful lists.
  • Dynamic People Lists - Coming soon. Dynamic People Lists will let you define your persona based on title, seniority, function, and location.

Personal NotesYou can now leave notes on companies, contacts, and potential contacts inside the web app and on any site supported by the Chrome Extension (including Gmail, Salesforce, and LinkedIn).

You could capture what you’ve learned about a company, so you can come back and reference it later. Or you could take notes about family members, interests, a person’s worldview, or musical tastes - different reminders to help you build more meaningful relationships with your network.

Email Templates – CTD launched email templates with variables this month. We’ve created a dozen templates you can use as inspiration for things like asks, invites, engagement, and CEO templates. Since you can manage your lists in CTD directly, templates can be very useful in sending emails to specific groups of people.

So What's Next?

We've got a bunch of amazing features slated for our Summer '23 Release. You won't need to wait until August. The team has a ton of momentum and will deliver things in June and July. If you've got ideas, let's talk! We'd love your help in shaping the product roadmap.

That's all for now!

-The Connect The Dots Team

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