Personal Notes

Jamie Grenney
May 16, 2023
Personal Notes

Available In All Editions

This is a feature I've come to love.

It make it really easy to capture notes on a person or a company.

It's available in the web app, on list views, and even on Gmail and LinkedIn!

There are lots of places you could keep your notes, so what makes this so special?

First off, they're easy to find. You aren't looking for a piece of paper, or an email you sent to yourself.

Second, they're always there in context. When you're on a call, you're naturally going to pull up LinkedIn. Or when you're writing an email, boom, it's right there in Gmail.

Third, you can keep them for life. With CTD, the personal editor product is free forever, which means a note you write down today, is there forever, available when you need it.

What are some example of notes you might capture?

Personal notes. When you talk to people you pick up little things. Their hometown, interests, education, worldview, or musical tastes. You might also learn about their family, pets, or significant others. This is all information you can come back to and use to build deeper relationships.

Call notes. When you're on a zoom it's easy to pop open the personal notes. You can capture what you've learned about the company, their pain points, and the decision process.

Questions. There will be times when you're reviewing a list, and have some people or companies you want to ask your boss about. Mousing over the personal notes make it easy to set up a productive conversation.

Where are we going to take personal notes?

We'd love your help shaping the product roadmap. Here are some things we've been thinking about.

Searching personal notes. Today you can search for a company or search for a person, and find your note. But we could also search within the note to highlight all the places that term came up.

Exporting your personal notes. This is your data and we want to put you in control. We want to make it easy to create a list of all your personal notes and export them into a CSV format.

Templates, merge variables, and snippets. It would be pretty slick to create your own standardized templates. For example, when you load a note it starts with today's date and three bullets. Or maybe it loads with a short summary of your relationship, pulled from CTD.

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