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Personal Edition

Use it with your personal or work email, or both



Unlimited source email accounts
Connect your personal or work email, or both. Connect The Dots preserves your history and organizes it into a unified view. You'll never lose valuable connections or important context again.
Unified contacts and companies
across all email accounts
Unlimited potential contacts and
introduction requests
User maintains network forever
My Watch List
25 companies
Co-Worker and friend VIP Invites
"My coworker" visibility
When you connect your work email you’ll be able to instantly see all your coworkers on the platform. This lets you pool your collective networks and ask coworkers for insight, influence, and introductions.
Chrome extension for LinkedIn
We all use LinkedIn, and most of us use it daily. Install the free extension from the Google Chrome Store to see all your contacts, potential contacts, activity history, and relationship strength right there in context.

Business Edition

10x your company's network intelligence


per employee per month

All the features from the Free product
Enterprise connectors
(OAuth, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce)
Overnight you can dramatically increase your organization's network intelligence getting everyone on Connect The Dots.
Enterprise-wide blocking and
privacy settings
Manage a list of competitors who you want to wall off entirely. Or maybe you want to create a custom sharing model where you only share insights with a set number of partners.
Custom data retention policies
This feature gives you fine grain control over exactly what data an employee can take with them when they leave the organization.
Training for admins and users
User tracking
Happy customers are your best salespeople, especially for SaaS companies. With Connect The Dots you'll be the first to see when your users change jobs and you can also identify all your former users who exist in target accounts. If you have 10,000 users and 20% of them change jobs every year that's 2,000 leads which may be interesting to reach out to. Tap into their insight, influence, and ability to make warm introductions.
Enterprise team collaboration
Oftentimes it is hard to get visibility into who at your company has been engaged. Is the recruiting team speaking with them? Has the billing team reached out? Is there an executive relationship? Turning on this feature gives you this valuable insight without anyone needing to change their existing behavior.
Open API
Do you want to pull data from your enterprise-wide social graph into another system? For example: Who has a relationship? And who has the best relationship? Who’s on the move?
To keep things simple and maximize the network effect, we price based upon the total number of employees

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