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Personal Edition

Use any Google or Microsoft email address, connect as many accounts as you want, and start building your perfect network.



Chrome extension for LinkedIn, Gmail, and Salesforce
Look at any person or company on LinkedIn or Salesforce or open a Gmail thread and use the Connect The Dots tab to see who really knows who, dig into your relationship history, and find valuable context you can’t get anywhere else.
Unlimited source email accounts
Connect as many personal or work email accounts as you want. Connect The Dots will automatically map your network, keep it updated as you make more connections, and unify your contacts and email history across all connected accounts.
Unlimited LinkedIn connections
Upload your LinkedIn connections to Connect The Dots to consolidate your network, increase your reach, and enrich your data on the contacts in your network.
Unlimited connectors
When someone you’ve exchanged emails with joins Connect The Dots, they can be one of your connectors—which means that you can see a list of the people they know and how well they them.
Unlimited introduction requests
Browse or search your connectors’ contacts and ask for introductions with just a few clicks.
Unlimited potential contacts
Potential contacts are the people your connectors know that you don’t. As your network grows, you can accumulate tens of thousands of potential contacts.
Company watchlist
99 invites for friends and colleagues 
“My coworkers” tab
When you connect your work email you’ll be able to instantly see a list of all the coworkers you’ve been in contact with. Invite them to the platform to share your network with them and see who they know well.

Business Edition

Surface unseen relationships between people and companies and find connections to buyers, new hires, partners, investors, and anyone else you want to reach.


per employee per month

All the features from Personal Edition
15-minute companywide deployment
Onboard your entire company to Connect The Dots quickly, simply, and securely, with minimal configuration, perfect data, and no need to make changes to other systems.
3rd-degree visibility
See who your executives and coworkers can help you reach through a strong relationship that they have, all the while protecting the privacy of their connectors."
Shared lists to generate offers
Create a list of high-value targets you're trying to reach and share it with people in your network. They'll see the list filtered for all the people they know, with the ability to offer help or leave comments.
Companywide privacy settings
Customize exactly what data is shared with whom, so only the right people can see your employees’ networks and private information stays private.
Custom data retention policies
Exercise fine-grained control over exactly what data an employee can take with them when they leave the organization.
Admin and user training
Role-based training for your sellers, sales development team, recruiters, or deal teams. We'll show you where Connect The Dots fits into existing processes and unlocks value.
Networking masterclass
Train your team on best practices from the most effective networkers in business.
Draft on behalf emails
Compose an email for your connector to send and share it to their draft folder. They can open it up, make some tweaks, and fire it off. When your target receives an email from someone they know or someone with clout, they're far more likely to respond and far more likely to act.
Open API
Pull data from Connect The Dots into any other system.
Coming soon
To keep things simple and maximize the network effect, we price based upon the total number of employees

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