Relationship Maps

Jamie Grenney
May 16, 2023
Relationship Maps

Company Lists with High Value Targets

Available in All Editions
Create a list of your target accounts and see where you have relationships and who you could get introduced to through a friend of a friend or a coworker. It's one-click easy to find the best connector and send off an email asking for insight, or an introduction.

Static People Lists

Available in All Editions
Create lists of people like CEOs you know, investors, recruiters, partners, champions, or great engineers - there are countless examples of useful lists. Create them once and go back to them whenever you need to. You can email the contacts, ask for help, share the list with someone else, or export the list to CSV. Having an organized list of “good people” in your back pocket is super valuable!

Static Company Lists

Coming Soon
This is a simple list of companies. You can add companies one-by-one, or you can look at an existing list and multi-select items and add-to-list. Once you've got your static list you'll be able to sort it, add notes, and make asks.

Dynamic People Lists

Coming Soon
Define your persona based on job title, seniority, function, or location to generate a list of everyone you know, and everyone you could know through a friend. Dynamic lists will change as people move jobs, and as your network grows.

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