Career Overlaps

Jamie Grenney
May 23, 2023
Career Overlaps

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Another way we've solved the small network problem is by turning all of your contacts into connectors.

If you've got 500 people you know well, and each had worked at 3 companies, and they've each worked with hundreds of people. We know that not all career overlaps are equal. We sort them by relationship strength and tell you how long the overlap was.

How do you do when you find a career overlap?

When you find an career overlap that looks interesting, simply click on the "Ask" button. That'll fire up the email editor with a smart template pre-loaded. The messaging will adjust depending on whether it's a current coworker, or someone that they worked with in the past. In a matter of seconds, you've initiated a conversation that'll help you source valuable insight, and maybe even a warm introduction.

So how do you get more out of career overlaps?

Career overlaps surface your contacts who have worked with someone you're trying to reach. The more strong, familiar, and weak contacts you have in Connect The Dots, the more career overlaps you'll see. So make sure you sync your LinkedIn contacts, and sync your email contact. You never know which of your friends will have had a career experience that helpful.

Oh, one more thing.

Would it be interesting to see which of your co-workers had a career overlap with someone you're trying to reach? That could increase your paths 100x or 1000x. Sound interesting. Let's talk! 

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