Email Templates, Personalization, and Batch Sends

Petar Ristic
May 19, 2023
Email Templates, Personalization, and Batch Sends


We've created dozen templates that you can use to engage your network. All you have to do is find a person, click compose, and select a template. Because CTD has amazing data and relationship insights, we'll automatically merge the relevant details. All the cognitive load of composing a well-written email is taken off your shoulders.

Standard templates are a terrific jumping off point, but you also have the ability to create your own templates.


When you're creating your own templates, you'll want to incorporate variables to personalize your message, and equip the recipient with all the relevant information.

Batch Sends

You can use templates with variables for one-off emails, but they're even more powerful when you send emails to groups of people. For example you might have a dozen names in the "To" line. Or maybe you want to email a list you've created in CTD. You could send it as a group email, or you can chose to send individual emails, each personalized to the recipient with merge variables.

Note that CTD has the ability to preview exactly what is being sent to each recipient. If a merge variable is broken, or data is "missing" for one or more of the recipients, you'll see that highlighted in red. To be extra safe, we also will not send to contacts where there is a "missing" variable.

Send Permissions

CTD lets you set up Google and/or Microsoft send permissions, meaning that the emails you send from Connect The Dots will be sent from your email and look 100% authentic to the recipient. The emails will be logged in your sent items, and when you get responses, they'll come back to your Gmail or Outlook email inbox.

Standard Templates

Here are a list of standard templates inside the application.

+ Engagement Emails
+ Share content
+ Quick update
+ Relationship refresh
+ Let me know if I can be helpful
+ How I like to do intros
+ Introduce two people
+ Recommend someone
+ Invite people to CTD

We're adding new templates regularly, so send us your ideas!

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