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Relationships are money in the bank. Now there’s a bank to put them in.

Connect The Dots™ uses email metadata to automatically map who you know—and who they really know. It’s the easiest, fastest way to see who you can reach and find the best way in.

Our platform can help anyone. But for some people, Connect The Dots is truly a superpower.


Get the most from your network of investors, partners, and executives

Connect The Dots is the simplest way to network with the people in your inner circle. When you know who your close contacts know well, you have a powerful resource for business development, recruiting, partnerships, fundraising, and pretty much anything else you want to accomplish. And it’s easy to share those connections with your entire team.

Sales Leaders

Find warm connections to target accounts, fast

With Connect The Dots, you can build relationship search into your account planning process and outbound engine. In seconds, your team can uncover angles and referrals that they never knew existed, without disrupting their workflow. That means more opportunities, shorter sales cycles, better conversion rates, and less time wasted playing the cold call lottery.


Network your way to your next big deal, in record time

You know that the best deals don’t land on your doorstep. You have to go out and get them. For a lot of VCs that amounts to an endless procession of emails that say, “Hey, do you know…”.

With Connect The Dots, you can search full networks of fellow investors, partners, and portfolio company leaders, and pinpoint the right people to put you in touch with whoever you want to reach. And it’s a great way to share your resources with the companies you invest in.


Get warm introductions to top candidates and hiring managers

Instead of cold emails, use Connect The Dots to find real connections to the most interesting potential hires. If you’re inside a company, Connect The Dots can become a searchable graph of potential referrals that dramatically expands your reach. If you’re independent, the platform offers a simple way to build trust and credibility by reaching people through friends of friends.

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