Ghost Emails

Petar Ristic
May 6, 2023
Ghost Emails

Imagine if your CEO could send 200+ ghost emails (emails drafted by others) monthly.

That’d be pretty valuable, right?  We’ve seen response rates skyrocket when the email comes from a name they recognize and a person with clout. It could be your CEO, your CTO, your boss, or a good friend.

From the ghost sender's view, you’ve made their life so much easier by filling in all of the contents of the email. All the recipient has to do is review it, make any changes as necessary, and click send.

There are dozens of use cases for executive sponsors, champions, recruiters, etc. We hear stories like the one below all the time. 

"We had a big deal that was stuck. We sent a Ghost Email request through CTD, and our Chief Product Officer got them to engage and created new momentum. The opportunity closed on the last day of April!"

The central idea is that everything is easier if you have clout and relationship strength. You can generate pipeline, win deals, and attract top talent.    

The ability to draft ghost emails is a business edition feature. You can share those drafts with your coworkers, or with any of your other connectors. So if you've got an advisor who is on personal edition, no problem. You can draft a bunch of ghost email for them. They'll receive an email notification prompting them to sign-in to CTD, review the emails, and hit send.

What are 3 workflows to start with?

Mine your super connectors – While you can write Ghost Emails for anyone, some live to make warm intros. It might be your CEO, an investor, or an advisor.  These people know they can use their clout and relationships to unlock enormous value. Use CTD to uncover where they have strong relevant relationships, and load them up with emails to send! You’ll probably find that 5% of your connectors generate 95% of the warm intros, so work closely with them to understand their preferences.  

Show your customers you’re listening – If you’re the head of product or head of customer success, give your support team templates, and let them know you’d like them to draft ghost emails you can send out. For example, whenever someone requests to delete their account or attrit, you might send a note that says; 

Chris, I’ve confirmed that the team has fulfilled the request.

I am the Head of Product at Acme.

I was curious about what led to the request. If you’re up for responding with a short explanation, that’d be super helpful! If you’re interested in jumping on a zoom and talking more, here is a
link to grab 15 minutes on my calendar.

Best, Your Name

The person who drafts the ghost email can personalize the note or include an internal comment in CTD so the executive has context. But everything is ready to review, make quick edits, and hit send. This is an awesome way to have busy executives make a habit of directly engaging customers, building goodwill, and capturing valuable feedback. 

Win over top talent – What if every candidate VP and above received a personal note from the CEO when they had passed their round two interviews? It might provide encouragement that the feedback had been very positive. You might highlight have your CEO highlight the importance of the role to the company’s success. And maybe even ask them an engaging question about the interview process or the team they’ve been interviewing with. Setting up this process will inspire your recruiting team because executives are actively helping them hit their hiring targets. And as a candidate, knowing that the CEO cares and you have a direct line is huge! 

How does this flywheel create relationship equity?

There are many other powerful use cases we can take you through. When employees start using ghost emails, relationship equity grows exponentially. The junior employees get to borrow relationship equity and fuel their career growth. Senior people earn dividends on the relationship equity they’ve built up, and get to keep expanding their network. Finally, new relationships are forged, and so equity grows for the company. It bears it's fruits in the form of pipeline, customer growth, renewals, and great hires. It’s a win/win/win flywheel.

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