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The best way to know who really knows who

Connect The Dots maps professional relationships so you can find the strongest connections to the people and companies you want to reach.

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We don't need another social network. We need better network intelligence.

Success depends on connecting with the right people at the right time. Today’s technology makes that a lot harder than it should be. With Connect The Dots, it’s easy.

Know who you know

Our AI helps you stay on top of your contacts by organizing them into a unified, searchable database, tracking your emails with each person, and updating contact information when someone changes jobs.

Know who you could reach

Explore your friends’ professional networks to see who you have in common, who they know best, and all the high-value potential connections they can help you make.

Find the best way in

As you browse LinkedIn, use the Connect The Dots Chrome extension to see your strongest connections to the people and companies you want to reach.

There's no other system that is developed with such thoughtfulness and experience around how you manage real-life relationships online… This is the future of business networking.
— Elay Cohen, CEO Saleshood

You control
what you share

Simple sharing settings allow you to choose what you share and who you share it with. The most anyone else can see is a list of who you know, their job, and how well you know them.

Security and privacy are insanely important

We go to great lengths to keep your data secure and private. Learn all about them here.

Get your spot—before someone else does

Connect The Dots is free forever for individuals, no credit card required. Spots on the list are going fast. If you want in, jump on it.

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What can other people see when I share my network with them?

Everyone who signs-up starts in single player mode so you can see what your data looks like. If you choose to make your network visible to friends and co-workers all they will see is name, title, company, and how well you know them. That’s it. Just enough information to be useful, without leaving you feeling exposed.

Can I block specific people or companies? How about hiding a key contact?

Short answer: yes and yes.

For example, you might want to block a former spouse, or an old boss you had a falling out with. It’s easy to mouse over that contact and click block. Or maybe your whole company wants to use this. We let you block your competitors from seeing any of your employees on the network. Or maybe it’s not about blocking people, but it’s about keeping a specific contact private. Let’s say it’s a doctor, lawyer, or celebrity you know. You can make that relationship private. It’s probably not a big deal because unless you’re got a familiar relationship, people won’t see it. And if they do, it’s one name among hundreds you have relationships with. There is no context revealed aside from the two orange, or three green dots.

How do I know that my data is secure and my privacy is fully respected?

Connect The Dots' #1 value is do no harm. Do not enable harm. Be kind. The product has been architected from the ground up to respect your privacy and protect your data. You can read our terms of service and privacy policy. We recommend sharing your network with your contacts, but at any time you can flip your network settings to private. If you want to leave the network, we make it easy to disconnect your email account and delete your data. You have control within the network to block people or companies, or just share with a select number of people or companies. One really important thing to call out – your emails live on your server. If they’re previewed inside Connect The Dots, it’s calling out to your email server and verifying you have accessed your email just like any other email client. Connect The Dots is fully compliant with the terms of use and privacy requirements imposed by Google and Microsoft for accessing their users' email accounts.  If you have any questions let’s talk. We’ll make a member of our security and compliance team available. Or you can schedule a zoom with member services to make sure you've got your account setup right.

What data do you analyze and store?

We securely store only your email headers and footers including the "from", "to", "cc", "bcc", date & time, subject lines, and signatures. We do not store the bodies of your emails. Your emails live on your email server.

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