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About us

How it started

Connect The Dots™ was founded by a group of Salesforce veterans. Drew Sechrist the Co-Founder and CEO, was part of the team that grew Salesforce from $0 to over $1B in revenue. During that time, he was both the #1 sales manager (globally), and the #1 account executive (globally).

He helped define best practices for both high volume sales and large enterprise transactions. A huge part of Drew’s success was leveraging the relationships in his network and mastering the art of the warm introduction.

When Drew got the idea for Connect The Dots, Ian Swinson was one of the first people he called. Ian had also spent 10 years at Salesforce managing teams of product designers and researchers. Later he held a similar role at Facebook. Ian's deep understanding of CRM and Social Networks would prove to be immensely valuable.  

Today Connect The Dots™ is growing its community by inviting connectors in different industries and giving them invites to share.

The vision for this product is that it will always be free for individuals. It’s a way of carrying your relationships with you, and never losing context even with weak connections.

For companies, increasing network intelligence has become a strategic imperative. Everyone recognizes cold outreach makes no sense. It's expensive, stressful, and yields disappointing results. On the other side you've got your competitors finding the relationship strength, hitting pipeline targets, multi-threading opportunities, and closing bigger deals.

Connect The Dots™ has built up a practice to help companies make this shift. Jamie Grenney recently joined the team to head Sales, Marketing, and Professional Services. He’s spent 11 years at Salesforce, was the CMO at OwnBackup, and the VP of Global Enablement at Okta. The team is building out playbooks for enterprise and SMB rollouts, including communication strategies and sales motions. For more information on how your company can leverage Connect The Dots™, schedule a time to talk to us.

Our investors

Founding team

from left to right
Drew Sechrist, CEO
Luka Trikic, Co-Founder
Ian Swinson, Head of Design & Research
Noah Lehmann-Haupt, Head of Product

73 brilliant people building our amazing product

San Francisco, Berkeley, Aspen, Miami, and Belgrade


Drew Sechrist
CEO & Co-founder
Jamie Grenney
CMO and Head of Product
Ian Swinson
Head of Design & Co-founder
Ivan Rajkovic
Head of Engineering
Jelena Graovac
Head of Data Science
Luka Trikic


These are the values our team lives by


Do no harm. Do not enable harm. Be kind. Follow the golden rule.


We are inclusive in our work and product.


Do great work, make new mistakes. Hire people who make us better.


Respect our time and our customers’ time.


We are honest and internally transparent.




Have fun storming the castle.

Be first

We want to own this market. 2nd place is a set of steak knives.

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