What Am I Sharing on Connect The Dots?

Noah Lehmann-Haupt
March 29, 2022
What Am I Sharing on Connect The Dots?

In our conversations with new users, we consistently hear questions about sharing and privacy. Which makes perfect sense.

Our app is a fundamentally different way of sharing and leveraging professional networks. It’s designed to be much more efficient, informative, and useful than any other networking tool out there—which means doing things differently.

We thought it would be helpful to break down the core concepts about network sharing in this post.

The platform defaults to sharing your connections with people you know well—but you’re in total control of what you share and who you share it with

The default setting on Connect The Dots automatically shares your network with other users on the platform that you have a real relationship with, as indicated by your email history. If you’ve exchanged multiple emails with someone from your connected email account, and that person joins Connect The Dots, you will be able to see each other’s networks.

You have many sharing options other than the default. With our sharing controls, you can:

  • Turn off network sharing entirely, so no one sees your contacts
  • Block certain companies or people from seeing your contacts
  • Hide individual contacts from your entire network (e.g., if your best friend is a famous actor)
  • Share your network only with people and companies that you choose

As you can see, there’s a lot of flexibility here. Whatever you’re comfortable with, we can accommodate.

The most you can ever share is a list of people you know, with a simple score showing how well you know them.

On Connect The Dots, you can only ever share a list of your connections, with a three-dot score that indicates whether your relationship to a particular person is weak, familiar, or strong. If a relationship is unknown, it won’t be shared. 

And using the sharing controls we’ve already mentioned, you can take full control over who can see your relationships.

Other than signatures, our system never scans or stores email bodies

We offer all of our users the option to have our system scan email signatures, which makes it easy to keep up-to-date contact information for everyone you know. During the account setup process, you can choose a metadata-only option that limits our AI only to your email header data—the “to:”, “from:”, date, and subject fields.

Any email bodies that you can see while using our platform are sent by API directly from your email provider. Our systems never see them.

To summarize: On Connect The Dots, the most you’ll ever share is a list of people you know, scored by how well you know them. And you’re in control over the relationships you share and who you share them with.

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