Our Commitment to Security and Privacy

Noah Lehmann-Haupt
December 7, 2021
Our Commitment to Security and Privacy

Connect The Dots uses AI to analyze email data, map your complete professional network and show you who your connections really know, so you can find the best people to help you and ask for introductions with confidence. 

Because we use email as the basis for our product, we built our technology from the ground up to deliver powerful, data security measures and granular data privacy control.

But before I get into the details, I want to make one very important point.

When you use Connect The Dots, yes, you’re giving the platform limited access to your email data.

But you’re sharing much less than you already give to companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and you’re getting vastly more value in exchange.

Unlike the big tech companies, we give you full transparency into your data. 

First of all, you’ll have total access to your complete relationship histories with all of your most important contacts, served up to you in a way that makes them very easy for you to use. 

You’ll see every email interaction you’ve had with a particular person, across different jobs and email addresses, in one place.

As you interact with more people, your Connect The Dots contacts grow organically, a reflection of your true network.

What am I sharing with other people on the platform?

Just like LinkedIn, when you connect with people on Connect The Dots, you can see their contacts and they can see yours. 

But unlike LinkedIn, Connect The Dots gives you full control over exactly what you share with your connections. 

When you choose to share information with other Connect The Dots users, those users only see the existence of a relationship (e.g., that you know Person X) and the strength of that relationship (e.g., that you know Person X well). If one of your connections wants an introduction to Person X, they can ask you, and you can say yes or no. 

That’s the only way to get in touch with a stranger on Connect The Dots—by asking another person who knows them well to personally introduce you.

But let’s say you’re in touch with a notable CEO a lot of people want to reach and you don’t actually want others to know about it. You can hide that connection from all of your contacts and it will be totally invisible to everyone on the platform except you. 

Or maybe there’s a particular person you don’t want to see your contacts at all. With one click, you can block them entirely. To them, it will be as if you never signed up for Connect The Dots.

You can also block an entire domain so that other users on competitors' domains can’t see your contacts—including people who worked at a competitor previously, if you want.

And you can also take a more conservative approach and choose to opt-in people and companies to share with, so you can selectively build your sharing network from the ground up.

What does Connect The Dots collect and store?

To use Connect The Dots, the first step is to connect your email account.  

We never see or store your email password. Instead we use Google/Microsoft OAuth to grant us limited access to your account. OAuth is secure, vetted by Google and Microsoft, and you remain in full control. You can revoke access directly from your Google or Microsoft account settings at any time and our access to your email will cease instantly.

Connect The Dots analyzes your email headers to see who emails are from and to, the dates of those emails, and the subject lines. You can also choose an option allowing our algorithm to extract only email signatures and their associated contact information from the bodies of your email. We do not store or share the content of the bodies of your emails.    

When using the app, you have the option to view your emails (including bodies) inline to get the full context of your relationship with your contacts. When you do this, your emails are loaded directly from Google or Microsoft’s servers via their API and displayed to you on-screen only.  

Again, your email body content is not stored or saved in our database. And the only person who can see email content through the app is you.

How does Connect The Dots keep my data protected?

We follow the strictest enterprise-grade security practices to keep your data safe. 

Connect The Dots completed a third-party compliance attestation for SOC 2 (Type II) in December 2021. This means we have met rigorous standards for security, availability, confidentiality, process integrity, and privacy.

We use Google Cloud Platform for storage, so your data benefits from Google’s security investments. (And if you use Gmail, the data on our platform is stored on the same infrastructure that you’re already using).

Google Cloud Platform maintains all major information security certifications and credentials, including ISO/IEC andSOC 1/2/3. 

All data processed by the platform is encrypted at rest and in transit. 

We follow a very detailed set of security procedures that you can learn more about by visiting

Your connections belong to you. Period.

Connect The Dots was founded on the belief that your relationships belong to you, and technology should get out of the way and make it easy for you to benefit from them. That’s a big reason why our platform is free for individual users. We’re committed to being transparent, open, accessible, helpful, and trustworthy.

Check back on our blog page for more updates about our technology and what you can do with it. There will be plenty to share.

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