What's New

Jamie Grenney
March 2, 2023
What's New

The team has been hard at work on two huge product initiatives.

The SuperGraph and the Ask Engine

Success starts with network intelligence. Janet in accounting went to college with your biggest prospect. Tony from HR used to work with three people at that account you’re hustling to close. But you don’t know it.

Connect The Dots reveals unseen relationships and hidden connections that help sellers sell.

We use a treasure trove of data —email, LinkedIn contacts, career overlaps—to show the strongest connections between your team, your supporters, and the companies you sell to.

We've worked hard to make it easy to create your very own SuperGraph for your company. It takes 15 minutes for IT to set up the enterprise connector, and without any additional work, the entire company's relationships are mapped, shared, and actionable.

3rd-Degree (Business Edition Feature)
To dramatically expand your network visibility we've invested heavily to bring you 3rd-Degree. This feature makes a ton of sense for an organization because of aligned incentives.

To ensure that 3rd-Degree has a high success rate we look for strong bond paths, between people in your company (e.g. your CEO) and your target. We also protect the identity of their connector to maintain trust.

This is an amazing way for people who are junior to help the leadership team by surfacing opportunities.

We've also worked on making the process of asking for help simple and frictionless. Using smart email templates you can ask for context about each relationship.

LinkedIn Import (Available In All Editions)
There is no doubt that LinkedIn is the heart of most people's professional networks. But you want to be able to see your email social network, overlaid with your LinkedIn network, and your Coworkers and Connectors' networks.

To import your LinkedIn connections you can either do a simple sync with our Chrome extension or export/import a CSV file. We import your contacts so you can organize everyone you know in a single place.

Career Overlaps (All Editions)
Another way we've solved the network problem is by turning all of your contacts into connectors. If you've got 500 people you know well, and each had worked at 3 companies, and they've each worked with hundreds of people. Well. You've got a lot of paths to the people you're trying to reach.

We know that not all career overlaps are equal. We sort them by relationship strength and tell you how long the overlap was. This is a powerful way to get backchannel references, and build rapport.

Send Permissions (All Editions)
When you find someone you want to reach, you want to quickly send an email. Connect The Dots has added Google and Microsoft Send Permissions, so you can use our email editor, and templates, and have the messages sent via your email. They'll appear in your sent items folder and all the responses will come back to your inbox.

You can set up send permissions for your personal email, or have your G-Suite or Outlook Admin set up permissions for everyone in your company.

Smart Email Templates (All Editions)
As we've grown the number of network intelligence signals, we've also gotten smarter about what email templates we recommend.

The templates will look different depending on the type of relationship (1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree, career overlap, or mutual contact). Each provides different context; so click on the ask button and we'll tee up the right template. We'll even personalize it with LinkedIn URLs so it's easy for the recipient to review. The whole goal is to ask more often and increase the likelihood of your connector saying "yes."

Draft On Behalf (Business Edition)
This feature allows you to draft an email, change the "From" line, and share that email with one of your connectors to send out. So for example; if you'd like to write up an email on behalf of your busy boss, you can draft the email and put it in their ask inbox. Your boss will then open the link, review the email, make a quick edit, and hit send. It's a huge time saver!

It should be noted that Business Edition users can draft emails for any of their connectors. Whether it be an investor, advisor, customer, or old colleague, if these folks are on personal edition; they'll be able to receive drafts and send them. But they won't have the ability to create their own draft on behalf requests, without upgrading.

Custom Lists with High-Value Targets (Business Edition)
We got feedback from our customers that they wanted to be able to build a list of all the companies they're tracking and see who they could reach with relevant titles. If you're a seller, this is a key ingredient for your territory or account plan.

We've made creating that list simple and frictionless. Add 200 accounts, and you've got insight into all of your 2nd and 3rd-degree relationships. Click on the ask button, select your best path, and hit send. It's that easy.

Over time we think people will create lists for Q1 Pipeline, Q4 Deals, Executive Bridges, Open Roles, PR/AR, etc. This is going to be a big area of product investment for us in Q2! Turning perfect data into actionable lists!!

The Chrome Extension (All Edition)
Our Chrome Extension has evolved and advanced significantly in the past few months. It works on Gmail, LinkedIn, and Salesforce, providing you with valuable relationship insight in context. We've added career overlaps, unconnected contacts, injections, search, and a whole bunch of other features. 3rd-degree is not live in the Chrome Extension yet, but it's coming very soon!

What's Next?
We've got a bunch of amazing features slated for our Spring '23 release. You won't need to wait until June. The team has a ton of momentum and will be delivering things in March, April, and May. If you've got ideas, let's talk! We'd love your help in shaping the product roadmap.

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