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Connect The Dots Raises $15M Series A Financing

Drew Sechrist
December 7, 2021
Connect The Dots Raises $15M Series A Financing

I’m thrilled and proud to share some news today.

Connect The Dots, the company I’ve been building alongside my amazing cofounders Noah Lehmann-Haupt, Ian Swinson, and Luka Trikic and an incredible team of more than fifty people across the globe, has announced our $15 million Series A funding round. 

We’ve had incredible support from our funding team, including Norwest Venture Partners, who led the round, Cloud Apps Capital Partners and Velvet Sea Ventures.

Our platform solves one of the stickiest problems in sales. Relationships are the easiest way to sell, but the hardest thing to scale.

Over the course of our careers, we work with thousands of people. But it’s wildly difficult to keep up with more than a few dozen of them. 

We work alongside hundreds or even thousands of colleagues, but it’s impossible to know who they really know, so we rarely ask for introductions.

I don’t think the world needs another inbox or social network. I do think it needs better network intelligence. 

That’s what Connect The Dots delivers. Our platform uses one of the richest datasets in existence—email—to scale relationships across companies and careers. 

We all have access to years’ worth of emails containing a treasure trove of metadata that reveal real connections between people and companies. It’s like being a part of the largest social network in the world, but not knowing it.

Our platform applies AI to email metadata, creating a vivid picture of who you know and who your connections know, sorted so the people you and your connections know best are at the top of the list.

That way, you can make the most of your relationships and ask for introductions from the best people to put you in touch with whoever you’re trying to reach.

Over the coming weeks and months, my colleagues and I will be sharing a lot more about exactly how our platform does that.

Today, though, I’m happy to say you can learn more about us on TechCrunch, where Ron Miller posted a story about us today.

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