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Demand Gen Manager


Connect The Dots (CTD) is a San Francisco venture-backed start-up founded in 2019 with the mission of revolutionizing the way professional relationships are managed.  We’ve quietly raised money from top tier investors while in stealth mode. 

We are about to exit our closed beta with the intent of signing up tens of thousands of users and ramping up our enterprise sales motion. It’s time to find someone who is very good at marketing ops, analytics, paid programs, website conversion, email, and campaign execution. 

This role will partner closely with the Product Team on the product-led growth strategy, as well as our Product Marketing Team on content, messaging, and design.  

Note that the list of responsibilities and expertise required is long. We’d like to find someone who has done it before, someone who is a self-starter, and can be set-it-and-forget-it. On the other hand we’ve got seasoned execs who can provide coaching to candidates who have the drive and smarts to succeed. 


  • Ops & Analytics Foundation - Become the expert on our marketing stack including Outreach, Salesforce, Webflow, Qualified, Calendly, and Segment. We’ll continue to add to the stack as we become a sophisticated marketing organization. Your job is to ensure our tools are well implemented including process definition, implementation quality, data quality, adoption, and reporting. Stitching these platforms together, we want to create user experiences that delight and closed loop reporting that allows us to test and invest. 
  • Advocacy - Work with the head of Product Marketing to design and execute surveys to capture market insights and the voice of the customer. We’ll also want to develop strategies for increasing advocacy and social sharing. 
  • Website - Product marketing will take the lead on the website from a content and design perspective, but this role will own day-to-day operations and website performance. This includes everything from SEO to AB testing to web analytics.
  • Outreach Sequences - Whether it is responding to our inbound inquiries or account-based marketing, we want to have our sequences dialed-in. This will include list pulls, triggers, persona-based messaging, and AB tests to drive continuous improvement.
  • Email Marketing - There are a number of conversational bumpers and transactional emails that the product team manages. This will be a close partnership to make sure everyone is in sync. We will also have email campaigns for events, product announcements, and different types of campaigns. 
  • Content Marketing & Campaigns - This needs to be turned into a machine. Product marketing will take the lead copy, campaigns, and asset creation, but we’re going to need to amplify this content. It needs to be shared on our social channels, leveraged in email, juiced by advertising, and reported on, so that we can understand what assets are most impactful.   
  • Retargeting Funnel - When people visit our site we want to make sure we can identify where they are on their buyers journey and target them with the appropriate set of ads on 3rd party sites. 
  • Paid User Acquisition - It is yet unclear how much SEM and PPC advertising we do. It may be that the PLG strategy delivers a lower CAC, but it is absolutely something we should experiment with. 


  • Experience in a Demand Generation and/or Marketing Operations role.
  • It is very valuable to have experience at high-growth B2B software companies. 
  • Analytical, data-driven, systems orientated mindset. Can document processes and configure systems. 
  • Proven track record in meeting and exceeding targets for user acquisition and pipeline. 
  • Align with the company’s values of Eggthical, inclusive, transparent, human, fun, Kaizen.


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We look forward to hearing from you

We look forward to hearing from you

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